About Us

We will only be open a limited time!

GISHWHES is The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, an event that's held once a year, for one week, with thousands of individuals from over 100 countries. Each year we open the GISHWHES Shwag Shwop for a limited time to prepare for and memorialize some of the grandeur of the Hunt. 

A portion of the sales of the Schwag Shwop will go towards the financing of random acts of kindness all over the world through the non-profit Misha founded, Random Acts 501c3. Purchases here are not considered charitable contributions to Random Acts or any charity and are not tax deductible. Staff members of GISHWHES serve on the Board of Directors of Random Acts and are in compliance with Random Acts' Conflict of Interest Policy.

Misha Collins approves all styles and cuts of apparel and merchandise in the Shwop. Accordingly all products are sorely lacking in creativity, taste, style or color coordination.