"We Are The Weird" T-Shirt


We are the weird... we are the future! Gishers are a force to be reckoned with. Around the world, we are changing the face of the planet for the better and weirder. Show everyone that you're a Gishwhes gishstar by sporting this out-of-this-world t-shirt!

100% cotton. Machine Wash. Imported


Due to overwhelming demand, the We are the Weird t-shirts are currently on backorder.  The gishwhes gnomes are working on more, but there will be a delay on shipping on these orders.  We expect to begin shipping these late July.

Miss Jean Louis Testimonial:
"What is the likelihood of getting my face on one of these t-shirts? I've been told there is quite a demand for this, mostly by my pet monkey, Stan."
Mary-Ann's (prior and current Gisher) Testimonial:
"This t-shirt makes me want to get up and dance, eat a turnip sandwich, and then pass out on a squishy king-sized bed of jello!"