"We Are The Weird" T-Shirt


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We are the weird... we are the future! Whether you're a ballerina in a bar fight or delivering baked goods to a local shelter, Gishers are a freaky force to be reckoned with. Around the world, we are changing the face of the planet for the better and weirder. Show everyone that you're a proud Gishwhes gisheteer with your very own out-of-this-world T-shirt!

T-shirts and Tank 100% cotton. Hoodie 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Machine Wash. Imported


The gishwhes gnomes are working hard to get all your schwag ready as quickly as possible but true gishy masterpieces take time. We expect to begin shipping Schwag Shwop orders in mid-November.

Miss Jean Louis Testimonial:
"What is the likelihood of getting my face on one of these t-shirts? I've been told there is quite a demand for this, mostly by my pet monkey, Stan."
Deborah's (prior and current Gisher) Testimonial:
"There's no mountain made of pudding I can't climb, no volleyball game with cream-filled balloons I can't win when I'm wearing this shirt. Is it possible for a shirt to feel like a warm hug and a full-body high five? Because this one does."